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After a long and successful career in the corporate world gaining experience in management, human resources, safety management, team building, and a couple start-ups, Beth decided it was time to venture into the career she had always wanted to do ever since she was in her early twenties. You guessed it, real estate!

Keller Williams Realty was just opening in Oregon in late 2003 and the market was on an upswing. Beth was working in title and escrow as a marketing rep. since 2001 and she felt it was time to get her real estate license and become a Realtor, joining the first Keller Williams office in Oregon in June of 2004.

Training has always been a passion of Beth’s and the fact that Keller Williams was “a training and consulting company, thinly disguised as a real estate company” was intriguing to her. She jumped into real estate with both feet and has never looked back.

With the wealth of experience Beth brought with her from her coporate days, she immediately started helping Buyers and Sellers to achieve their goals of buying and selling real estate. She also started using her training skills to help train other Realtors and new Realtors to the industry. Something she still does a lot to this day. That’s probably why her clients continuously remark about how much Beth educates them throughout the homebuying and selling process.

According to Beth, “my job is to educate my clients so that they have the information they need to make the best decisions for them and their goals. I’m a consultant for them rather than a sales person who is just looking to sell a house.”

Keller Williams was growing rapidly in Oregon and Beth was selected to help open two offices for Keller Williams as the Team Leader/CEO. The second office she helped open was just as the market was starting to take a dive, the year was 2007! But that didn’t matter, according to Beth, “it’s during times of adversity that we find out who we really are and when we grow the most.” Super focused on helping all clients, even the ones most devastated by the market, helped Beth to continue to acquire new skills and hone the skills she already had.

Enter Mike, it was 2008. He was working at Intel at the Ronler Acres Campus when he and Beth met. He had a long history of working in the banking industry and mortgages prior to Intel, and like Beth, made a huge career change when he got a degree in technology and went to Intel in 2002.

They weathered the downturn in the real estate market and came out on the other side stronger than ever! In fact, Beth was doing so well in real estate helping her clients, she and Mike decided it was time for him to leave Intel and they started working together. It was the end of 2011, just as the market hit bottom and started it’s upturn.

Also during 2011, earlier in the year, Mike and Beth got married. 

Since the bottom of the market, Mike and Beth have continued to learn as much as they can about all aspects of real estate in order to be as valuable as possible for their clients. As Beth and Mike will tell you, “We respect the fact that people are putting one of their largest, if not their largest asset, in our hands and we take that responsibility very seriously!”

Mike and Beth view their clients as future friends and enter every working relationship with the goal of surpassing their client’s expectations in order to provide an incredible “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”. Beth believes, “it’s not about customer service anymore, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE our clients have before, during, and after the transaction. If we are successful at that, our clients will use us again and again and will tell their friends and families about us when it comes time for them to need real estate services.”

Mike and Beth feel blessed to be in a business where they get to impact the lives of so many people in such a huge way.

Mike and Beth both say, “Put us to work for you and let our years of experience help you to achieve your goals! We would be honored to HELP you!!”



<b>Beth A. Perez | Principal Broker<b><br><b>Licensed in Oregon<b>

Beth A. Perez | Principal Broker
Licensed in Oregon


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